Palm Tree Care and Trimming

We specialize in palm tree trimming, pruning, planing and removal jobs of any size. We remove seeds, seed pods, fruit and dead fronds. If you need advice on planting, watering, fertilizing and cold protection we are more than happy to help. Clean-up and haul-off is always included in the price.

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    ​Frond Trimming & Pruning

    Some palm trees do shed their fronds naturally, but it can take a long time for this to occur naturally. When it comes time to remove fronds from palm trees it is very important no to take off too many fronds or any fronds that hang above a line that is parallel with the ground. It is a misconception that fronds with yellow leaves or brown tips need to be trimmed. Palm trees use nutrients from dying fronds to produce and grow new fronds. If palm trees are over pruned it can be damaging.

    Seed Removal

    Palm flowers, seeds and fruit stalks need to be removed as soon as possible. Palm trees expend a great deal of energy on producing fruit and seeds. This energy is better used its overall growth and health. Seeds and fruit also tend to make a nice snack for certain types of rodents and birds. Lastly, seeds that fall to the ground leave a mess, stain concrete surfaces, and can eventually lead to troublesome weed problems.

    Don’t Overdue It

    Palm trees a generally low maintenance compared to other trees, but damage can easily be done if one is not careful. Palm tree trunks are where the starch reserves are stored. When a palm tree encounters any type of stress (fire, frost or over-pruning) it will utilize the starch reserves to restore fronds. It is very important that palm trees keep as many fronds as possible. It is okay to trim & prune for cosmetic purposes, but make sure it is not to the detriment to the tree’s health. Adult fronds act as a barrier against wind and cold protecting the tree itself, as well as less immature fronds that are not yet strong enough to survive these harsh elements on their own. Before you decide to do your own pruning please Give Us A Call to make sure it is done correctly.