Stump Grinding & Stump Removal


No stump is too big for our massive stump grinding machine. Just imagine attempting to dig up a stump with a shovel, drilling holes in order to hack away with an ax, and finally you have to make sure to remove any part of the root system that is exposed. Our stump grinder will obliterate any stump it comes into contact with and completely remove the root system. Talk about the right tool for the job.

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    The overall objective of removing a stump is to be able to utilize the space it was occupying for something else entirely. A birdbath, a new shrub, a swing set, hot tub, walking path, garden, or maybe some grass. No matter the reason, it is not sufficient to only remove the portion of a stump that is visible above ground. The entire stump and root system will need to go. We will grind your stump 10+ inches below the ground so make sure nothing you don’t want grows back. This will also help ensure that your land or yard is free of bumps or dips. Avoid the hassle of removing that unwanted stump yourself, let us do all the work and cover the disposal fee. Mention our website and get a discount on top of a Free Quote.