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We have all the tree removal tools and equipment necessary to remove trees with ease. We have tree felling trucks, stump grinders, extra long ladders, climbing quality ropes & cables, tree rigging kits, pulleys, winches, weight bearing carabiners, harnesses, chainsaws, axes, wedges, tree shapers and every piece of tree safety equipment you could every imagine. Be very skeptical when deciding to hire just some run-of-the-mill, mediocre tree removal company. Be even more cautious when deciding whether or not to remove a tree on your own. Our company is insured and bonded for a reason. There is a reason we have been the premiere tree remover in Henderson since 2003. If you have a dead tree that must go, redesigning your backyard or have storm damage that needs attending to, let the best Henderson Tree Service Company lend you a hand, or ten.

We have preformed thousands of tree removals for both commercial and residential properties. There isn’t a tree, shrub or plant that we have not been able to remove with ease. However, there are times when it is not necessary to remove a tree. Our team of tree experts have over four decades of experience combined. Our top two tree professionals have certifications in agriculture, masters degrees in horticulture and are certified tree surgeons. If a tree or plant is able to be saved from disease or removal then there is no better tree service in Henderson, Nevada. Think of us as your local tree doctors.

Trees and plants never stop growing. In order to keep trees strong and healthy proper maintenance and manicuring is critical. Without periodic tree trimming and pruning your landscaping is subject negative consequences. Overgrowth, undergrowth, disease, dead branches or leaves and even dead trees or plants are the typical results. In addition to all of this your landscape will also come across as aesthetically displeasing. We always operate in direct compliance with ANSI (American National Standards Institute), the industry standards for proper tree care practices. Section A300 addresses the safest and most effective procedures for shrub pruning, tree cutting and tree trimming. We take pride making sure these practices are executed to perfection in every shrub, woody plant, palm tree and any other type of plant we service.

Just so we don’t assume that you know, we also offer more rigorous tree cutting services in addition to tree pruning. Most of out clients yards and landscapes just need a quick touch up. Other times our clients have more pressing needs. It is common for many residents of Las Vegas and Henderson to have large trees with weak or dead branches that are ready to fall at a moments notice. Unfortunately, we often get a call after a branch has already fallen and caused damage to a house, car, fence or even a person. If you ever have any doubts about whether a tree or tree branch is on the verge of collapsing please Call US Immediately. Not only do we offer Free Estimates, but we want the residents of Henderson to feel safe when they are in or near their home. You may also be surprised how affordable our tree cutting costs are.

Most of the palm trees that you see in Las Vegas and Henderson are not native to state of Nevada. Yet, there are many types of palms that thrive in our ecosystem. Each specie of palm tree is unique and does require different types of care. Overall, palm trees are low maintenance, but there are many ways to prune palm trees. Some methods can be very harmful to the palm, while others will ensure strong, consistent growth. Palm tree care always begins with removing seed pods, fruit, and overgrown fronds. Without all the this unnecessary and excessive growth, palm trees will naturally become more efficient with their energy resources.

Part of being a certified arborist is also being an expert tree cutter. Fortunately, we have two of them at Tree Service Henderson. Anyone can take a chainsaw or large pair of snippers and hack of a branch or limb. Not everyone knows that if done improperly you can severely harm your trees and plants. We can also perform numerous specialty cuts that not only ensure your trees are healthy, but will have the neighbors admiring them from afar. We are the expert tree trimmers for Henderson and Las Vegas. Let us prove it to you with a free estimate today.

We bet that you have already witnessed a skinned palm tree, but just haven’t realized it. Palm tree naturally have tough husks that surround the stem of the tree. This hide protects palms from cold weather, insects and disease. Palm tree skinning is the process of cutting away and removing the husk to make them more visually appealing. It will also dramatically diminish the chances of scorpions hanging around your property, as they like to hide down in the husks to avoid heat from the sunlight. Palm tree skinning requires proper techniques and tools. Without this equipment or experience you will find yourself prone to self inflicted injury. Not to mention that damage can be done to the palm tree itself. If the inside of a palm tree is cut or damaged in any way it can spell disaster.

Many people actually prefer the looks of a palm tree after it has been skinned. They are more sleek and neat once the husk has been removed. We can also do special patterns and designs depending on the type of palm tree. The most popular pattern is the ‘pineapple’ cut, which gives off a wow factor. Again, be very cautious when determining whether to skin a palm tree on your own, or when choosing another tree service company to perform this task. Even though palm trees are low maintenance, underneath that tough exterior and a very fragile interior.

Stumps are an eye sore and they take up valuable space that could otherwise be used for anything else. Stump removals are a lot like performing tree surgery. There are two important factors to take into consideration when grinding and removing a stump. The root structure and the condition of the stump itself. A large tap root that is growing deep into the ground will require a stump grinder to cut it up so it can be removed.

Just like tree removals, we approach stump grinding and stump removals the same way. The entire root system must be removed in order to ensure that nothing will grow back in it’s place once gone. It goes without saying, but we’ll address it anyway. We always do a full clean up after every job we perform. Not matter how big or small, one of our goals is to make sure your property is cleaner than when we started the tree service. The clean up cost is always an added bonus and there is never any additional cost or inflated prices as a result.

When the unexpected happens we kick it into high gear to make your life a whole lot easier. We not the Superior Tree Service Company for no reason. Las Vegas and Henderson are no strangers to insanely strong storms, random temperature dives and spikes, record setting winds and the periodic monsoon. These acts of nature almost always share a common result, tree damage. When the weather tosses branches and limbs, knocks over trees and leaves your property in ruin Give Us A Call. We are fully equipped and ready to rush to rectify the situation.
Have a piece of land or property that needs some serious tender, love and care? Thick brush, mangled trees, a jungle that needs to be tamed? Well, let me assure you that you have come to the right place once again. Clearing land and large property lots can be very labor intensive. We have necessary systems and equipment to handle these arduous jobs. We do residential or commercial properties. If any tree cutting, tree removal, pruning, stump grinding, stump removal, landscape design or landscaping is needed, we do all of that too.
Need some assistance with the design of your landscape or lawn care? Yep, we do it all. We are a full tree service company and can perform any job you can think of. If you have ideas for a specialty landscape project let us aid you in making it a reality. Residential, commercial, big, small, traditional or modern. C’mon, you know we do it all.