Palm Tree Skinning

Palm tree skinning is when the remains of dead fronds are removed from part of the tree, or along the entire length of the tree. Palm tree skinning is not to the benefit of the tree. The purpose of fronds are to protect the tree from frost, wind and other external elements. This practice is used exclusively for cosmetic purposes and if done correctly it should not hinder the tree in any way. Depending on the type of palm tree removing or cutting back fronds can be next to impossible without the correct know-how or the proper tools.

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    Palm Tree

    Skinning can leave palm trees smooth and looking more tropical like. Diamond cuts are becoming very popular and can be done in a way that the top of a palm tree resembles a pineapple. Skinning can leave palm trees looking literally like pieces of art. In addition to making palm trees more appealing, skinning can also prevent insects, such as scorpions or spiders, from living in the fronds. It is critical to refrain from cutting into the trunk and injuring the soft tissue within. If cuts are made too deep and may be too late for the palm tree to heal itself. Palm tree skinning is something we highly recommend that you leave to a professional. It is a labor intensive procedure that requires a great deal of finesse and care. If you have any questions you can Contact Us here.