Trimming and pruning can be solely for looks or it can provide many health benefits. Whether your trees need a seasonal trim or a complete overhaul we can have your trees looking beautiful and healthy. Tree trimming is performed to remove diseased, dead, unwanted, or non-producing branches and material. Tree pruning can be used for size reduction, promote new growth or even to even improve the production of flowers and fruit.​

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    Advantages of Trimming & Pruning

    1) Aesthetically Appealing – Overgrown shrubs and excess branches or fronds can make any yard look run down and rough. A simple trim or manicure can make your home or place of business look fantastic and inviting. Consistently trimming and pruning trees will make sure they maintain their proper shape as it continues to grown throughout its life.

    2) Reduce Chance of Disease – By trimming and pruning, trees are thinned and any overgrowth is taken away. Removing unnecessary branches and leaves opens the crown of the tree allowing more air to circulate and more light to penetrate. This will help lower the chance of disease while giving trees the optimal chance to live long, healthy lives.

    3) Timing – It is important to know how often or when a certain type of tree can be trimmed or pruned for optimal health. A lot of trees or shrubs are resilient and can withstand over-trimming or under-trimming. However, some species or types of trees/shrubs are extremely delicate and should only be trimmed/pruned at specific times of the year or a specific number of times per year. Don’t make the fatal mistake of finding this out the hard way. Let our trained arborists inform you of how to care for your trees/shrubs, give you a piece of mind and save you money.

    4) Wind or Storm Damage – Trees that are trimmed and pruned are less likely to be affected by strong winds or storms. Since there are less limbs or less overall surface area for wind to catch on, air can move more freely through the trees resulting in less potential damage from a storm.

    Don’t Waste Your Time

    ​If you have dead tree branches and jacked-up shrubs you need to call in the professionals to get some shrub pruning done. Your time is you most valuable asset, and we understand that you don’t want to be spend it tending to your trees and shrubs. Let Tree Service Henderson do what do best. We’ll trim your trees, shape those shrubs and hone those hedges so everything remains healthy and vibrant. Oh Yeah! We promise to clean up everything! Our job is never done until every spec of dust is picked up.