Tree removal services in Henderson, NV and Las Vegas


There are a number of factors to consider when hiring professionals to remove a single tree or an entire grove of trees. We do not recommend that home owners or individuals without proper training remove trees on their own. A certified arborist has professional felling experience. We have the required skills and experience from taking down a wide variety of trees in a wide variety of situations.

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    Dead Trees

    Dead trees can actually attract pests. While you may be lucky enough to entice a family of humming birds, you may also be extending an open invitation to rats, termites, scorpions, ants & mice. All of these are very capable of migrating the short distance to your house as well, where the amenities are even nicer than the tree or shrub in your backyard.

    The second reason is the obvious one, dead trees are UNATTRACTIVE!. Don’t let something that is aesthetically unpleasant ruin the enjoyment of your beautiful lot of land. Also, if and when your are ready to sell your property nothing adds curb appeal like a thriving, lush landscape.

    ​Third, dead trees can carry disease which can be contagious. Maybe your tree isn’t even dead, but in fact it is actually dying. The sooner you can identify if a tree is dying the less expensive the tree removal becomes. If you are unsure if a tree is actually dying let one of our certified arborists come and do an FREE inspection. In some cases your tree can be saved. Our first and foremost option is to always save, preserve and improve the quality of trees and shrubs.

    Lastly, dead trees have branches that are prone to falling and the trees themselves more susceptible to collapsing. The periodic, intense wind gusts that Las Vegas and Henderson are known for provide more than enough force to send weak branches or trees crashing down to the ground. This could end up causing damage to your home, your property, the neighbor’s property, or innocent bystanders in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Dangerous Location & Leaning

    Unfortunately, sometimes trees are located in less than ideal locations. A tree may be too close to a house, building, utility lines, pools, play area, driveway, etc… If trees appear to be leaning it could just be a matter of time before it topples over completely. Not sure if your tree falls into this category? Not a problem. Give us a call and we will come to you and give you an FREE analysis and FREE quote if anything should need to be done.

    Landscaping Overhaul

    When you choose to redo your landscape sometimes certain trees just don’t fit into your overall vision. No sense in postponing your master plan or abandoning it completely because there is a tree standing in your way. Let us take care of the heavy lifting so you can turn your backyard or land into a sanctuary.


    If there are too many trees in the same proximity then there is a greater demand than supply of food and nutrients needed to thrive. It is essential to determine which trees are healthiest and make sure they are not removed.

    We Are Professional Tree Climbers

    In addition to being certified arborists we are also professional tree climbers. We go through regular training and climb trees on a daily basis. We utilize ropes, pulleys, harnesses, hard hats, cranes and lifts. This is just some of the equipment used. Depending on the job we can have multiple tree climbers up in the tree at the same time. This is where years of training and experience come into play.

    ​When removing a large tree it often must be taken down in sections. Not only are we hooked up to ropes for personal safety, but the branches and pieces of the tree are also attached to rope to ensure they do not fall and can gradually be lowered down to the ground. The techniques used during this type of operation are crucial to maintaining safety and obtaining the desired outcome for the most affordable price.